Trip Report: YYC-HNL Air Canada Executive Class

Part 1: YYC – HNL Air Canada Exectuive Class on Boeing 767 with PODS

Part 2: Grand Hyatt Kauai

Part 3: Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Hawaii

Part 4: HNL – IAH United First on Boeing 777 with businessfirst lie flat

My significant other and I arranged for her father to take us to the airport. This was the first time I saw his driving style and in case I’m in a rush to the airport he will be my first call in the future.

In many major cities across Canada you pre clear US customs before departure. In Calgary the morning and evening line ups can be an hour wait before you even hit security. However the flight lands as a domestic bird in the USA so that’s the big bonus.

Check-in was a quick wait and uneventful besides the fact we had an equipment change. We were expecting to fly an old domestic first seat layout of a 767 which AC only has a handful of in their fleet (Amigo/Pineapple Express are their nicknames). These planes have no avod/ife(Audio-video on demand/Inflight Entertainment aka TVs) and the seat is nothing to write home about. Luckily we got an XM’d new Air Canada Pod interior 767 which is light years better. The SO wasn’t feeling great so this was a huge blessing since she just slept and ended up recovering quickly. There is no worse feeling than being sick on vacation and I’m glad we avoided this.

I didn’t notice it on my boarding pass till just before security but I had won the random massage on this leg aka SSSS! That’s 3 out of the last 5 flights, if only I were this lucky on lottery tickets. This time around the security officer even used the front of his hands which is an added bonus here in Canada compared to the US. My treatment in Kauai (Hawaii) was not as pleasant since he also kept saying he is only using the back of his hands so I didn’t even thank him afterwards, let alone tip him 😉

After my SSSS my SO wanted boiling water for her neocitron so we headed to the Plaza premium lounge in YYC where my AMEX Platinum gives me access. Since AC has no maple leaf lounges for US bound Air Canada passengers this is a nice AMEX bonus. The lounge was quiet, had a fireplace and a good selection of sandwiches, drinks and snacks. There were maybe 7 people inside while we were there.

US Departure Lounge in YYC

Our Boeing 767 while catering is loaded

Air Canada 041, YYC-HNL, 767
Friday, March 1
Seat: 2K

XM Cabin usually used for Executive First Air Canada Long Haul Flights

Nothing entertaining happened during boarding and I don’t even remember what I had for a pre departure beverage. Menus were distributed and once airborne orders were taken. For some reason I nearly always choose the filet mignon since it’s one of my favourite cuts of cow or any meat for that matter.

The starter salad was a nice start and my Heineken #3 was going back smooth.

The beef was chewy and not very appetizing. Still looking for that decent steak at 35K feet. Luckily the Shiraz worked with my palette so after a few glasses I got through a good chunk of the steak, you can’t be tossing filet in my books!

I passed on the ice cream and just had a warm cookie along with Heineken #4.

Overall the crew’s performance during the meal service was pleasant. We must have had some real drunks on this flight since the cabin polished off all the Shiraz and only 3 bottles of the other red wine were left for the flight back home, they don‘t restock on this flight. Not to mention after about 7 Heinekens they shifted me to Canadian. I’m not a fan of Canadian by any means but at 35,000 feet I don’t think any of our taste buds really work that well so it was still good.

POD Surroundings

Seat and Entertainment Controls

I had the map on the IFE for 95% of the flight while watching shows on my ipad. Overall the flight was pleasant and went by fairly quick in the pod. As for the AC long haul business class seat it’s great for privacy and easy access to the aisle for everyone. If you travel with a partner I prefer many of the other lie flat seats out there. Also it’s not exactly easy to watch the world from the windows the way the seats positioned. However compared to coach this is pure bliss.

Honolulu just before landing

Reminds me of Vegas

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  1. john says:

    Well LAS is the 9th island

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