Important Tip for booking luxury hotels

Just like first class on airplanes there are certain hotels where you can expect to get the best service and over the top luxurious rooms. I will get into a few of the super high-end chains in the future but for those of you who prefer to keep your RRSP intact but still want real luxury a Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental or Fairmont will do the trick.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Signature Suite

But before you book your dream vacation keep in mind many of the high-end hotels extend a program to their best travel agents. The main ones are: Virtuoso which contains various high end brands, Four Seasons Preferred for the Four Seasons hotels and Fine Hotels and Resorts which is for American Express Platinum members.

If you use one of these avenues your rate will usually be identical with the best rate you can find online for the hotel. Sometimes even lower if your agent has a close relationship with the hotel. It may also be a tad bit higher if you’re comparing it to a fully non refundable rate. If the hotel has a special, package or free night offer listed on it’s website you can also get these same perks.

The benefits with booking through these agents is you will also get free breakfast, a $75 credit and room upgrade. The credit may be higher and the hotel may stipulate it as a spa or food credit. Room upgrades are sometimes confirmed at booking or subject to availability at check-in.

So if you are looking for a high-end hotel, make sure to look into getting these extras through a Virtuoso agent, a Four Seasons Preferred Partner or directly with Amex Platinum if you happen to have the card. There is a vast choice of travel agents who are members of these programs so feel free to search for one you can build a relationship with or message me for a recommendation.


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