Seatguru: How to use it and why?

Isn’t it frustrating sitting in the middle seat on your flight, perhaps your seat won’t recline or you are directly next to the lavatory not only with the scents infiltrating your personal space but also the people who are waiting in line want to small talk with you too.

Well with sites like and putting in a few minutes of work you can minimize your chances of getting the worst seat on the plane again. First you will have to find out what type of aircraft you are flying on. You can do this by doing a dummy booking for your exact flight at the airlines website. Usually you can highlight the “Details” of this trip and it will state the equipment (aka aircraft type).

When you find the aircraft type make sure to write it all down since a Boeing 737-600 will be much different than a 737-900. So you need to know the model type (737) and series (900) and then head to seat guru with this information. At the site you click on your airline then seat guru will give you the choice of airplanes from the airlines fleet.

Select your aircraft type and this will bring up a seat map with green(Good), white(Average) and yellow(Poor) seats. Try to pick a green one on your flight but make sure to avoid the yellow seats. On the site if you hover over a certain seat it will also tell you the pros/cons of that seat.

So in Canada you can check-in 24 hours before flight departure, the sooner you do once this window opens the better your seat will be and you won’t have to pay any advance seat selection fees and even have access to emergency rows.

Picking a seat may not seem important to you but on any flight over 4 hours it’s a big advantage to take a few minutes to preselect a nice seat for your trip.

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