Canada’s Best Bonus Points offer with no fee for the first year

If I were to offer you a free flight to anywhere in Canada or the USA would you take it? Well this is as close of an offer as you’ll see that does just that. American Express Gold Card bonus is 15,000 points and you just need to spend $500 in the first 3 months.

You can also elect to go for the AMEX Gold Business Card which has a 25,000 bonus but you need to spend $3000 in the first 3 months. You don’t need a registered business to sign up for this card either. For the first year both cards have no annual fee, after the first year the fee is 99$.

With these cards you collect AMEX Membership Reward (MR) points. MR points are one of the best in the industry. What makes certain points better than others is you can transfer them between different loyalty programs. MR points you can instantly turn into Aeroplan points at a 1:1 ratio.

So in case you need a last minute flight where the airline is charging mega bucks you can see if there is availability on Aeroplan and if there is transfer MR points and save yourself some serious cash. Aeroplan points will also get you seats on a flight on Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, United, ANA, Thai and many others.

You can even use points to fly the Airbus 380, aka WhaleJet

MR points you can also transfer to AsiaMiles (Cathay Pacific Airlines), Delta, Priority Club (Major Hotel Group) and even British Airways Aveos. Aveos points are also very valuable since you can use them on American Airlines, Qantas, Japan Airlines and many others. The possibilities for using MR points are virtually limitless at the end of the day.

15,000 points is good enough for a short haul flight which usually is under 1.5 hours. 25,000 is enough for anywhere in the Continental US and Canada, not Hawaii. The points should post soon and you can either decide to keep the card since it does have a few insurance benefits or you can cancel at any time.

In case you want to sign up for one of these cards I would appreciate if you email me at and I can send you a link. If you use my link I will also get a bonus of 5,000-10,000 points and once you get your card and points I can show you how to refer your own friends so you can double dip.


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My passions are travel, food, golf and frequent flyer points which help my dreams turn into reality.
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