Krakow, Poland: Food worthy of a detour

How often do you have a chance to dine at a restaurant that has been around for over 640 years and has held feasts for kings, politicians and stars. The menu I had was signed by Stephan Spielberg who used to eat here when he was filming one of his movies.

At Wierzynek you can expect excellent service from the moment you arrive. The restaurant layout includes many different rooms, I suggest after your meal to take some time to explore the whole space it encompasses.

Krakow town square over the past 15 years has exploded in popularity to the point it’s almost as outrageous as Prague town square establishments, which will charge $12 for a beer while a few hundred yards away you can find one for under a $1. However the value at Wierzynek is excellent compared to the fine dining options in the vicinity.


Krakow town square view from our table

Horse Carriage rides seem to be popular here

We started with the perogies (You can never have enough of these in Poland, $7) and a trio of house made pates ($12). For our mains I wanted my significant other to try “Kopytka” which are very similar to gnocchi so we both chose the Pork Loin with wild mushroom sauce with sauerkraut and kopytka ($21). All three dishes were a joy to eat.

My beautiful other half and our entrees

It’s not often you have a chance to have a dining experience rivalled with Wierzynek. They also have a patio open during the summer which is a great spot to enjoy your favorite beverage and a dessert shop on the main level just past the hosts with cakes, ice cream and chocolates.

Plenty of floors here

Another room

Nice mosaic in the restroom



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