Need a vacation and open to destinations? Use these sites to explore your options.

If you want to go somewhere but wish there was a tool to see all your flight options on a map from your departure city I have the solution. This website is also helpful if you are touring a large area and are flexible on a starting point. At enter your departure airport and it brings up a map of the world with airfares to many major airports. This gives you a good glimpse on global pricing and if you want to narrow it down just click on a destination on the map.

Click this picture if you want to expand it

From a quick glance above, I can see it’s cheaper to fly to Los Angeles than Victoria or Saskatchewan which are 1/3 of the distance from my local airport, Calgary. Flights to Hawaii, which are twice the length from my origin airport compared to Toronto, are also less expensive.

With this website planning a last minute vacation is even easier if you’re open to the possibilities. However if you happen to be more into the “all inclusive” type vacations I have another great option for you.

A few months ago my mom and her boyfriend wanted to have some fun in the sun. They were adamant on an all inclusive option and my mom of course wanted beachfront and a nightclub! I’m not really into all inclusive resorts, I find the food underwhelming so I didn’t think I could help at first.

There are so many charter companies, airline vacation companies, deal sites and travel agents fighting for this market so it was overwhelming to me at first. I stumbled upon a site called, spent a few minutes there but moved on. A few days later I was back there again.

Many of the best websites in the world are either super easy to use or difficult until you learn it. The former one exists because to really get the information you need, it’s a bit complicated.

It was my 2nd visit where things started to click for me and I was impressed. Similar to my post on it’s not straight forward on the first visit but the more you use it the better your grasp is.

In the end I found a great deal for $1029 per person all in for my mom. This included roundtrip DIRECT flights to Montego Bay and 7 nights at the Hilton Montego Bay with all drinks and meals included. She ended up with a nice ocean view room with a balcony and she really enjoyed the food and the beach. A few days after she returned home I got a phone call she was ready for another trip next month!

Here is a quick guide to the basics of the site.

Enter departure city and then click the pricing grid below

To start narrowing the results I could select 1 week, all meals included and 3 stars or higher. Say I wanted to travel in May I see availability to Bahamas for $1148, Costa Rica $907, Cuba $836, Jamaica $1040 etc.

As a quick comparison here I selected 4 stars and above. If I were really trying to keep the costs down I notice Mexico is a possibility for $745 per person

After I clicked Mexico it displayed all the different cities in Mexico and I clicked Puerto Vallarta here. For under $800 I have four different hotel options. Including flight, meals, drinks and resort activities this ain't too shabby.

Another friend of mine was expressing interest to take a “fun in the sun” type trip. This was a day or two after I found my mom’s deal so I mentioned the site. 10 days later when I saw him again he thanked me for my advice and said he ended up finding a deal to Paris in June for even less money than most Mexico options.

He never would have thought this to be an option for his budget and since they have always wanted to go I can only imagine their excitement making this a reality.

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My passions are travel, food, golf and frequent flyer points which help my dreams turn into reality.
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