Get 16,500 Aeroplan points for under $40 with the Aeroplan Star Challenge

Who doesn’t enjoy a good challenge? The Aeroplan Star Challenge is a new promotion where if you attain 70 stars they will reward you with 16,500 bonus Aeroplan miles. This is enough for a roundtrip short haul ticket.

To get stars you will have to purchase items from their partners who give out Aeroplan miles. There are 4 ways to earn these “stars”:

-You get two stars if you shop at Esso, Costco, Sobeys, Rexall and other partner stores. In my case I have a Sobeys and Rexall right next to each other close to home so when passing by I will make an effort to stop and buy something as close to $1 as possible. You are allowed to visit Sobeys 20 times to get 40 stars but you can only do it once a day.

-You get 3 stars if you stay at a partner hotel, rent a car or book a cruise or vacation

-You get 5 points for each segment you fly on Air Canada

-If you have an Aeroplan affiliated financial card you get 5 points. I know the American Express Aeroplan and CIBC Aero cards qualify

Since I already have 5 points thanks to my AMEX I need 65 more by the end off the month. I have no plans to travel or fly Air Canada so have to visit 33 stores to make up the difference. I told you this was a challenge at the beginning 😉

Luckily for me the stores are right next to each other so I only have to park the car 17 times. But I will probably make a few stops at Esso for gas across the street where if I spend $3 I qualify.

If you have a few people in your family you can also multiply your transaction and both enjoy a trip in the future with the Aeroplan point bonus.

Click here for full details at the Aeroplan site

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My passions are travel, food, golf and frequent flyer points which help my dreams turn into reality.
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